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End Indefinite Detention

Every year, the Government locks up nearly 30,000 people – including children, elderly people and survivors of rape, trafficking and torture. They have not been sentenced for any crime. No judge authorises their incarceration. And worst of all – there’s no limit on how long they can be held.

Without a time limit, the UK’s detention regime is the most brutal in Europe. People enter prison-like detention centres with no idea when, or if, they will be freed. Some are held for years.

Please join Liberty today to shine a light on this shameful practice and fight for human rights for all.

Liberty is ordinary people standing up to power. By becoming a member, you’ll be joining over 11,000 other people who believe in defending human rights in the UK.  Together we’re challenging invasive surveillance practices, fighting for the rights of soldiers, opposing indefinite detention and so much more.  With you on board we’ll be even stronger!

Join Liberty

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