Hostile Environment

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We’re calling on government departments and public services to commit to a data ‘firewall’ – a cast-iron promise that the personal information they hold will not be shared with the Home Office for immigration enforcement purposes. 

The Government has set up a series of data sharing arrangements that threaten to undermine the provision of essential public services like healthcare and schooling, turning healthcare workers and teachers into border guards.

These data sharing arrangements allow the Home Office to access personal data – like names and addresses – that is collected by schools, hospitals, and job centres.  

This data is then used by immigration enforcement teams to track down children and adults for investigation.

These arrangements form a central part of the Government’s Hostile Environment policies and are creating a situation in which people are afraid to send their children to school, seek urgent medical care or even report crimes to the police.

Public servants want to protect, help and educate. But the Government has turned them into border guards, unwillingly and often unknowingly reporting on the people they are there to support.

That’s why we are calling for a firewall. A guarantee that the information held by Government departments and public services will not be shared with the Home Office for immigration enforcement purposes.

Join us in calling for a firewall and sign the #CareDontShare pledge now.

Find out more about the hostile environment data sharing scandal.

Sign the #CareDontShare Firewall Pledge:

"People should be able to access essential public services – like sending their children to school, seeking medical care and reporting crime – without fear of immigration enforcement.

Essential public services and Government departments that hold personal information must commit to a firewall – a guarantee that personal data will not be shared with the Home Office for immigration enforcement purposes."


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