Liberty, the Latin American Women’s Rights Service and the Step Up Migrant Women coalition ask you to stand up for migrant survivors of domestic abuse.

The Government’s draft Domestic Abuse Bill risks failing thousands of migrant women in the UK who have nowhere safe to turn.

Human rights law obliges the Government to protect all women residing in this country from violence and abuse, regardless of their race, nationality, ethnicity or immigration status.

Yet the Bill in its current form fails to provide any fundamental safeguards for migrant women.

It does not:

- Establish safe-reporting mechanisms, including the creation of a ‘firewall’ stopping people’s  personal data being shared for immigration enforcement purposes, so that domestic abuse survivors aren’t too afraid to report crimes

- Abolish the ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ rule, which prevents survivors with insecure immigration status from accessing vital, often life-saving refuge accommodation

- Extend the Domestic Violence Rule and Destitution Domestic Violence Concession so that all migrant women can apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK and associated financial support.

As it stands, thousands of migrant survivors of abuse will remain destitute, at risk of detention or deportation, or trapped in abusive relationships.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

This month, a Parliamentary Committee will begin the process of scrutinising the draft Domestic Abuse Bill.

We need your help to ensure the Committee makes necessary changes to this legislation so that it protects every woman in the UK. Email the Committee today.


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Tell the Pre-Legislative Scrutiny Committee to support calls to extend the Domestic Abuse Bill so that it equally protects migrant women.

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