Police forces across England and Wales are still using the almost 200-year old Vagrancy Act to prosecute people for begging and rough sleeping. New research shows that thousands of people have been charged under the Vagrancy Act over the last few years – and more than 20,000 since 2008.

Homelessness is caused by complex social issues which cannot possibly be solved by criminal sanctions. The Vagrancy Act must be scrapped.

Theresa May’s Government promised to review it, but homeless people will continue to suffer and be made more vulnerable until it is scrapped for good.


- Tell your MP to make sure the new Government is not content with a simple review of the Vagrancy Act. It must focus on ending this scandal and finding ways to help the most vulnerable, not criminalise them. It must scrap the Vagrancy Act.

- Tell your MP to raise this urgent – and easily fixed – issue with Homelessness Minister Luke Hall.

Email your MP

With a new Government in place and a new Homelessness Minister, now is the time to make sure this scandal is put to bed. Email your MP, calling on them to alert the new Homelessness Minister to this critical – but easily fixed – issue.

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