Times of crisis are ripe for the watering down of human rights.  When the pandemic hit, the Government introduced overbearing legislation – the Coronavirus Act – which gives the state extraordinary powers to restrict our civil liberties. We must demand our rights are safeguarded, starting with the repeal of the Coronavirus Act.

The Coronavirus Act introduced sweeping powers that were the greatest limitation on liberty in a generation.

Under the Coronavirus Act 2020:

- The police have been given broad new powers to detain anyone who could be infectious. But the Crown Prosecution Service has said that every single charge made under the Act has been wrong

- Safeguards for disabled people, people with mental health issues and those who rely on social care have been stripped away just when people were most at risk

- Dangerous restrictions on the right to protest have been created

- Borders can be closed and some elections suspended

The Coronavirus Act has failed to uphold people’s rights while leaving the most marginalised worst affected.

These emergency measures are still in force and Parliament can choose to renew them indefinitely.

The Act is up for review in a couple of months, so now is the time to tell the Government to end the lockdown on our liberties and repeal the Coronavirus Act.

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The Coronavirus Act is the greatest limitation on our civil liberties in a generation and harms our most basic human rights.

Emergency measures are still in force and could be renewed indefinitely, giving police dangerously sweeping powers, allowing mental health and social care safeguards to be suspended and placing our protest rights under permanent threat.

Repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020 and focus on a response that protects our rights.